Youngstown school now offering aquaponics, growing opportunities

Youngstown, Ohio, is transitioning from “the buckle of the rust belt” into a 21st century city, complete with several unique educational opportunities including an aquaponics center at Choffin Career Center. This story is accompanied by several photos and a short video that expands upon what’s reported in the story. This was also the first story to take advantage of Farm and Dairy’s website redesign. Read Story… 


The 2013 Farm Science Review…Live

Farm and Dairy’s staff had a very ambitious plan for the 2013 Farm Science Review. We wanted to cover the event live despite the shoddy internet connection available at the event. Though lofty, our goal came to fruition with this post on our website. The post acts as a kind of index for multiple stories coming from the event. It also adds some context and some behind-the-scenes insights from the event as well. Users were encouraged to check back often for Tweets, videos, photos and commentary. Read Story… 


Farm-related business makes it big on ABC’s Shark Tank, social media

America is fascinated with farmers. Rural television is conquering reality television. One example of this is the story of Johnny Georges, a Florida farmer who appeared on ABC’s television show Shark Tank. I don’t watch much television, but I saw Johnny’s story circulating on social media the day after it aired on TV. I took the opportunity to write about Georges. This is an example of using social media as a launching pad for a story. Read Story… 


Brooklyn Farmer: New York’s urban farming scene is growing roots

Some content at Farm and Dairy was only for online readers, though we did promote the online-exclusive content in print. This not only encourages our offline readers to visit the website, it also pulls in other readers from around the world. This film review of an urban farming documentary utilized my experience as an entertainment journalist, but it also tied in to my job covering agriculture. This was a real pleasure to write. Read Story… 


Is rural America struggling? Rural population decline reflects impact of recession

Nobody’s perfect. I found this story infinitely interesting because, coming from a rural area myself, I saw the impact of the recession. I knew things had changed since the financial crisis not only in cities, but in rural places as well. The story appeared in print and it took off online. One reader, a researcher at the University of Minnesota, took issue with the headline of the story. After considering his point of view, I agreed that the headline wasn’t appropriate. This is an example of how our online communities can influence journalists to be on top of their game. Read Story… 


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