Social Media


Farm and Dairy FBFarm and Dairy’s Facebook account was used primarily to keep readers informed and engaged with the website. At Farm and Dairy I implemented a few tricks to help increase “likes” and engagement, the most successful being a “Friday Funny.” Friday Funnies are agriculture-related memes that were posted each Friday for the enjoyment of our followers. I also utilized Facebook to crowd source ideas and to promote various contests, etc. Follow Farm and Dairy on Facebook.


Farm and Dairy Twitter

Twitter is full of farmers. Surprising, isn’t it? Farm and Dairy’s Twitter feed was used to Tweet breaking news events, interesting articles and advice. The social media platform was also used to track down sources for several stories, and remains one of Farm and Dairy’s most popular social media spaces. The publication is active on several hash tags including #AG #AgChat and #Farmer. Follow Farm and Dairy on Twitter



Pinterest users love recipes and how to’s. I kept that in mind when I opened Farm and Dairy’s Pinterest account. I regularly posted recipes and infographics to the paper’s Pinterest boards. Follow Farm and Dairy on Pinterest. 


StorifyStorify was once uncharted territory. Many social media users, the media especially, knew of it, but nobody really knew how to use it. Farm and Dairy used the platform on several occasions to cover live events like The Food Dialogues. Farm and Dairy also used Storify to aggregate social media trends, like #FarmerSelfie. Follow Farm and Dairy on Storify.


Farm and Dairy Tumblr

Tumblr is a new platform for me, and for Farm and Dairy. I built Farm and Dairy’s Tumblr page to promote the paper’s 100th anniversary. As part of the 100th anniversary celebration, I coordinated the collection of vintage farm photos from our readers. Calls for photos went out in print, as well as online. The photos were shared on Farm and Dairy’s website. Some lucky photos also appeared on Farm and Dairy’s Tumblr page. Those photos were used to then funnel users back to the main photo gallery. Follow Farm and Dairy on Tumblr.


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