Are Feral Hogs a Problem for Ohio Farmers?

This short video was taken at the 2013 Farm Science Review near Columbus, Ohio. I talked with Craig Hicks of the United States Department of Agriculture about the possibility of feral hogs causing greater problems for Ohio farmers. As it stands, feral hogs are mostly confined to areas in southern Ohio. It’s Hicks’ job to make sure the situation doesn’t get any worse.

Talking Grain Prices at Farm Science Review

Another video feature from the 2013 Farm Science Review, this video focuses on how grain prices are impacting grain farmers. Myself and Kristy Foster Seachrist captured video from several sources at the event from several different devices. I produced the video. The video was part of Farm and Dairy’s comprehensive coverage of the 2013 Farm Science Review.

“Bucks for Broadway” Help Stage Left Players

As part of the “Bucks for Broadway” fundraising campaign, not only did I create an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign, I produced a video that highlighted Stage Left’s history and its impact on the community. The fundraising campaign went on to raise $1,900 digitally and another $7000 from cash and check donations.


Each of these videos were edited on iMovie, but I have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro.


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