AZ Fact Check: Fact-checking video series

The Arizona Republic and azcentral have a weekly fact-check feature that examines claims made by Arizona lawmakers. I was tasked with pulling together a quick fact-check video to accompany each written piece. My goal was to make something engaging, entertaining and informative without requiring too much production time. An azcentral intern and I worked on several templates before settling on what we have here. To date, six AZ Fact Check videos have been produced.

Azcentral Rewind: Explaining the news

Azcentral Rewind was born the day after the dramatic Donald Trump rally in downtown Phoenix that ended with police teargassing anti-Trump protesters. We wanted to explain the night’s events in a short-form video explainer. That first video then spawned several others, each examining a topic that our readers are passionate about: former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona schools and the power of HOAs. Each video was written and produced by me, with editing assistance from azcentral photographer Sean Logan. Each Rewind answers three questions: Why is this topic important? What is the context? and what can we expect in the future? To date, the azcentral Rewind focusing on Arizona schools has more than 50,000 views on

Graphical explainers

Because why not? I asked specifically for interns with experience with Adobe After Effects. This video is the fruit of that request and several more are in the works. This is my team’s attempt at making a Vox-style explainer complete with animation, text on screen and voice over. I worked with two reporters, two graphic designers and a video producer for this project.

Facebook Live and Twitter video is lucky enough to have a video studio. I’ve taken to using the studio to host Facebook Live discussions on a variety of topics. Most recently, we hosted a 15 minute video discussing the Arizona teacher walkout. Those Facebook lives are then cut, edited and produced for a desktop audience. My goal was to make these chats laid back, relatable and as casual as possible. The word “personality” doesn’t scare me. The video above is an example of that. Ultimately, the idea is to get as many uses out of one video as we can.

During the Arizona teacher walkout, we had a team of reporters on the ground at the State Capitol. My job was to process as much video from them as possible. Over the six-day walkout, I processed nearly 75 minutes of video live from the scene — most of it coming in 30-second chunks.



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